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Are you ready to sell your business?  Ask yourself--is your business properly organized to be put on the market right now?  How would buyers perceive your business today?  Answer the questions below to find out.

Business Owners: Begin Here

This is a first step in our proven process to sell your business for maximum value. The questions below are designed to help you analyze the operation of your business and identify it's strengths, weakneses, opportunities, threats (SWOT) and any areas that may need improvement.  This exercise will help you see how your business might be perceived by potential buyers. Please answer the questions and click the submit button and you will receive  your "sellability rating" by email.  The results can serve as a tool to objectively identify areas of your business that require attention in order to increase desirability to buyers.

All information provided here is strictly confidential.

Premises Lease
Do you lease or own the property?
Lease Terms
Is your rent in par with the current economic climate?
Premises Location
Is your current location:
Financial Statements
How accurate is your book keeping? Are all sales are reported and use an accurate system of accounting like a book-keeper, Quick-Books etc.?
Business Tax Returns
Do your business tax returns match your company financial statements (adjusting for add backs, tax deductions)?
Operating History
How long has the business been operating?
Revenues--Key Trends
Historically, how will you define the past 3-5 years sales/profit trend?
Customer Concentrations
Does your business heavily rely on a few major accounts?
Employee Attrition & Longevity
Compared to similar businesses in your industry, how loyal/happy are your employees?
Labor Training
Generally, how long does it take an employee to be trained to be efficient at the job?
Seller Financing
If you were to sell your business to a qualified Buyer and SBA loan was not an option, will you be willing to finance a portion of the asking price?
Selling Price Expectations of Seller (As a Multiple of Earnings)
If you do not have a formal appraisal for your business, what are your expectations for the value of your business based on a multiple of annual Net Operating Income?
Requirements Necessary to Transfer the Business
Does the business require a 'special trade' or difficult-to-acquire license from a State or Federal agency? How long does it take to transfer the license? Is Franchisor approval and training required?
Owner's Direct Management Time Required
How much time does the Owner of this business spend physically every week running the business?
Does the business carry inventory for day to day operations?
Branding of the business
Is the business branded with the current owner's name? (For example: Bill Smith Pest Control)
Business Website
Does the business have a functional and dynamic website?
Barriers to Entry
How easy is it for a new competitor to set up shop and take market share from your business?
Automation processes
How efficient is your business in implementing technological tools for operations (P.O.S, inventory tracking, systems)
Operating Manuals and Training Handbooks
How well documented and updated are your employee training manuals, employment contracts, non disclosure/non compete agreements, workplace safety rules, operation instructions etc.?

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